Specialists in the plant cell cultivation technology

In vitro Plant-tech produces plant extracts, dried plant raw material and fresh sterile plant cells for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. We work with in vitro based plant cell cultivation in a controlled, clean room laboratory environment. Our sustainable bioreactor based production platform enables us to provide a constant supply of consistent, high-quality, customized plant material with full traceability. Our well-equipped and modern laboratory is located in Malmö in the south of Sweden – one of Europe’s most innovative regions.

A research derived company

In vitro Plant-tech was founded by Anna Holefors PhD, based on her previous research.

“I have always been fascinated by plants and their ability to produce complex bioactive molecules. Since there are quality and sustainability problems with traditional production, I wanted to develop a fully sustainable production platform, that does not deplete the natural populations and that allows development and production of high-quality bioactive compounds and extract from plants.”
– Anna Holefors PhD, founder and CEO of In vitro Plant-tech

We are experts in the plant cell culture technology with more than 20 years of experience and a broad knowledge within the field. Our R&D team are dedicated, creative and innovative, and are continuously working with improvements of our products and technology to always be able to offer you the best front-line products. Our aim is to strengthen your business’ competitiveness and help you create success.

Our nature should last for future generations

An image with the ECOCERT logo and a text underneath, saying: Cosmos Certified – Our private labelled extracts are certified according to Cosmos standards

Caring for our environment is very important for us at In vitro Plant-tech. We believe in the strength and power of nature and that everyone should have access to innovative high-quality plant extracts produced in a sustainable way. Because of this we work with sustainability in all its three dimensions: environmental, economic and social.