Our products

In vitro Plant-tech develops and produces high quality plant cell-derived products with proven efficiencies. We produce extracts, dried and fresh in vitro produced plant raw material customised according to the requirements of our clients.


products2aOur cell lines

Our R&D team has developed plant stem cell lines from plants with a traditional use within for example skin care, wound healing and health beneficial properties, and is continuously working with establishment of new cell lines. Some of our in-house cell lines are: roseroot, evening primrose, greater plantain, aloe vera, milk thistle.

Contract manufacturing services

We also act as a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO). These assignments are client exclusive and customised according to the requests of our clients. The contract assignments start with a process development phase, where we together with our client find plants with documented desired effects. In the development phase, we initiate the selected plants into our cultivation systems, optimise processes for in vitro culture growth, cell dedifferentiation, growth of plant stem cells, elicitation and perform characterisation of active components. Thereafter process upscaling takes place, followed by large scale production of active substances.


Product information

Roseroot (Rhodiola rosea L.) plant stem cell extract

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.) plant stem cell extractat

Greater plantain (Plantago major L.) plant stem cell extract


Process flow of plant raw material production in vitro