In vitro Plant-tech has developed an innovative plant cell cultivation platform, enabling large scale production. The technological innovation we are using is based on in vitro culture of plants (micropropagation). The technique is based on the fact that every cell in the plant has all the genetic information needed to form a new plant, if appropriate conditions are applied. The term micropropagation refers to cultivation of plants on a defined nutrient medium under sterile conditions. By altering the contents of the nutrient medium, the growth is controlled and plant cells are directed to form differentiated tissue, such as shoots and roots, or undifferentiated cells (plant stem cells). Cell lines from specific plants can thereby be established. For large scale cultivation of explants (plant parts) and cell cultures, bioreactors are used to maximise the production efficiency. In our production platform, we grow different kinds of plant tissue with variable differentiation grade. The production of active substances is also maximised through elicitation by addition of unique (mixtures of) molecules.

In vitro Plant-tech’s products are established from plants with traditional health beneficial properties as well as not so well elucidated plant species. In our cultivation platform we enhance the production of novel substances through reversion of the differentiation grade. By careful selection of the correct plant species, combined with dedifferentiation and production of undifferentiated cells, we believe that the beneficial effect of the plant stem cell technology can be even larger. Our team of scientists are dedicated, creative and innovative, and are continuously working with improvements of our products, technology and development of new front-line products.