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In vitro Plant-tech develops and produces high-quality extracts and plant raw material from in vitro produced plant cells for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. Our products are sustainable, pure and of the highest quality. We can offer you client exclusive or private labelled products, cultivated and produced in our laboratory in Sweden.

Customised and client exclusive cell lines and extracts

If you want cell line exclusivity, we can help you develop your own unique cell lines and extracts.

Choose the plant or the properties you want to target and let us do the rest. We will help you select plants, initiate the plant into our cultivation systems, optimise processes for in vitro culture growth, cell dedifferentiation, growth of plant stem cells, elicitation and perform characterisation of active components. Thereafter the upscaling process takes place, followed by large scale production of active substances.

These assignments are customised according to your needs. In vitro Plant-tech will act as your contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), and you will own all intellectual property rights for the selected plant and developed cell lines.

In vitro Plant-tech’s production process flow

High-quality private labelled plant extracts

Our in-house plant extracts are high in active
substances and have proven efficacy.

We have a dedicated Research & Development team continuously working to develop new in-house plant stem cell lines from plants with proven cell protective and health beneficial properties. Our current in-house cell lines are roseroot (Rhodiola rosea), greater plantain (Plantago major), milk thistle (Silybum marianum), pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) and aloe vera (Aloe vera).

Let us strengthen your business

At In vitro Plant-tech we strive to understand the key drivers and strategic challenges of our business partners in order to recognise your specific needs and expectations.

Our promise to you is to be a reliable collaboration partner, always on the top level of expertise, and to deliver high-quality plant extracts and raw material developed and produced in a responsible and sustainable way. Quality, transparency and accuracy are essential to us.

    Working with Anna, the soft-spoken and knowledgable founder of In vitro Plant-tech, turned out to be rewarding and effective in many ways, including finding the most powerful natural stem cell extracts to advance Fleur de Santé skincare. It was also a pleasure on the daily basis. Thorough and dedicated, Anna has been a definitive asset to our team, providing high-quality and well planned ideas to meet our strategic needs. I’d definitely recommend In vitro Plant-tech for their understanding of plant science and flexibility in going along with the beauty business realities.
    — Danuta Dudek-Pellon, PhD MSc Fleur de Santé
    Chief Science Officer & Advisor to CEO
    We have since we started our collaboration with Anna and her team been very pleased with their work. They are dedicated to produce a unique final product with a long-term focus on quality. It is clear to us, that they take personal pride in the job they perform.
    — An In vitro Plant-tech client
    We have been collaborating with In vitro Plant-tech for about seven months. Prior to the actual start of our project, they have already provided us with very valuable proposals and ideas. I find they are very knowledgeable and always willing to accommodate our specific requests. In addition, communication has been fluent and the project is developing at a very nice pace. In my opinion, an important part of a collaboration is the quality of the people, and I have been enjoying very much working with Anna in our project. She is passionate about her research and a good listener.
    — An In vitro Plant-tech client