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We are proud to announce that our private labelled extracts listed below are now certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard.

  • Rhodiola rosea plant stem cell extract
  • Plantago major plant stem cell extract
  • Silybum marianum plant stem cell extract
  • Calendula officinalis petal derived callus extract
  • Flower Power Innovation, combined extract of Silybum marianum and Calendula officinalis
  • PS Protection, Polysaccharide enriched Aloe vera plant stem cell extract

Certification: glycerol extracts are certified as 74.4% organic

“Since sustainability and quality are essential to us, it was important to certify our extracts according to COSMOS standards. We have a continuous commitment to nature and it is our obligation to maintain the nature for future generations”

– Anna Holefors PhD, Founder and CEO of In vitro Plant-tech

“We care both about environmental and social sustainability, to manufacture powerful extracts with compassion for nature and people. It was therefore important for us to enter the COSMOS certification process”.

-Jadwiga Rembiesa MSc, Laboratory Manager at In vitro Plant-tech

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Abstract:  Exposure to pollution can cause oxidative stress, premature ageing, inflammation, and diseases. Since most of us are exposed to pollution, protection is important. This can be achieved through skin protection or through protection with respect to food and food supplements. There is a wide range of products on the market with anti-pollution claims. However, it is important that these claims are thoroughly validated by proper efficacy testing. When skin cells are exposed to pollution factors, changes in a number of skin properties can be observed, such as lipid composition, lipid and protein oxidation, pH, sebum secretion rate, oxidative stress, inflammation markers, and collagen and elastin levels. These can be measured and used as markers to verify anti-pollution claims. In the present review, we summarize some of the most important in vitro and in vivo tests that are used to determine if an ingredient or formulation has anti-pollution efficacy.

Jadwiga Rembiesa, Tautgirdas Ruzgas, Johan Engblom and Anna Holefors

Read article: Rembiesa et al 2018

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In vitro Plant-tech offers innovative, high quality plant cell extracts from in vitro cultivated cells,  such as plant stem cells. For us compassion about nature is very important. We believe in the strength and power of nature and that everyone should have access to.

We care about our clients

If you want to have a unique plant  extract from in vitro produced plant  cells, we can help you to develop and produce your own exclusive plant extract from your preferred plant.
We also offer private labelled plant stem cell extracts and flower derived callus extracts.

We care about nature

Our nature should last for future generations, therefore our production is based on a sustainable plant cell cultivation  platform. Our private labelled extracts are certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard.

We care about quality

In order to maximise production of  active substances  we have developed the metabolite enhancement technology (MET). Using MET we optimise the cultivation and   induction of secondary metabolites in  a multi-step optimisation process. Combining this with a scientific plant selection a maximum accumulation of bioactive substances can be achieved.

We care about generating success

  • High quality plant stem cell extracts
  • Specialists in plant cell culture
  • More than 20 years experience
  • Contract development and manufacturing  organisation (CDMO)

In vitro Plant-tech, Limhamn, Sweden   –   –

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